Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meet Sparcacus

Good news if you're thinking of taking my compilers course next time I teach it: We have yet another new member in the machine park! Meet Sparcacus, an old Sun box with SPARC processors (yes, plural!). Once again my pal uber came through for all of us by giving me this box as a present! Thanks dude! This means the next compilers course will force you to generate code for either MIPS, PowerPC, or SPARC. Oh glorious future that is found in our RISCy past. :-D

PS: Sparcacus is none of the Sun boxes I had gotten my fingers on previously, all of those could not be made to work. So now I have plenty of Sun hardware left over for people to pick up. Just email me if you're interested.

Update 2009/11/05: I've had some trouble with the disk in Sparcy, so now I got a hold of a few more disks. I'll have to try those and see if I can find enough working disks to build a little RAID. But as of right now, Sparcy is a bit... Unstable? :-(