Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stuff for Gentoo Servers

I've set up a lot of servers using Gentoo lately, so I've collected a few things that I really don't want to be without on a server. In no particular order, here's what you really have to install after the first boot (or while still in the chroot if you prefer):

  • screen
  • sudo
  • mirrorselect (the automatic modes work too!)
  • ccache
  • logrotate
  • syslog-ng
  • vixie-cron
  • slocate
  • vim
  • gentoolkit
  • netcat
  • iptables
  • htop
  • localepurge
  • logsentry

For ccache you need to make some changes to /etc/make.conf, in my experience even if the emerge message tells you that things are going to be configured automatically. Add this (whatever size you want):

  • FEATURES="ccache"

In terms of USE flags in /etc/make.conf, most servers can do without a lot of stuff that just costs time in recompiles and installs. All of the following should be OFF, that is with a minus in front:

  • nls (although some packages sort-of want it after all, sigh)
  • fortran
  • java
  • X
  • xorg
  • qt
  • qt3
  • qt3support
  • qt4
  • gtk
  • gtk2
  • gnome
  • kde
  • wxwindows
  • sdl
  • cups (unless you're running a print server of course, lol)
  • alsa
  • oss
  • pcmcia
  • wifi

There are also a few USE flags that you should consider switching ON instead:

  • lzma
  • bash-completion (you still have to enable it using eselect)
  • vim-syntax
  • ssh
  • ssl
  • threads

I am sure I'll find some more useful stuff, and I am sure I forgot some things as well. I'll update the post as I make more progress. :-D

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