Sunday, October 9, 2011

And a new blog?

I used to have a tiny blog of my own at the now-defunct which was run by our local student ACM chapter. For some reason JHU decided that they want the name back to run their own blogging service, so the students (and me, and a whole bunch of other people who were using their service) got booted off that URL. Of course JHU never did set up their own service, sigh.

Anyway, apparently the students got frustrated enough to not re-open the blogging service under a different name, so for the past year or so I've not had a blog. Fast-forward to yesterday: I needed some information from one of my old blog posts, so I decided to request the raw data (thanks for the SQL dump Rich!) and to start over somewhere else. So here I am.

Not sure how long it'll take me to import the old posts, but I guess eventually you'll be able to read them here. Not that they were terribly interesting before, but hey, gotta have a blog, no?


  1. Oh, so the title is a reference to the infamous server I ran in a former life. It used to be our research group's main development machine for a while. It ran OpenBSD for all its many years, and I think it had like a 20 GB disk or something. Those were the days! :-D

  2. Everything from the old blog is imported now, enjoy!