Saturday, January 4, 2014

Basement Delving: Stuffed Animals

Alright, let's see now. A roleplaying game about stuffed animals. I don't know if this was German innovation through and through or inspired by some other obscure game, but I do know that it was a lot of fun. Sadly we played only a few times, but the "stuffed animals" angle certainly helped in recruiting our girlfriends for the game. Here's the cover of "Plüsch, Power, und Plunder" as the game was called:

Cool bear, eh? Apparently hanging out at a beach somewhere I guess? The background story is awesome (and I still sort of believe it): Stuffed animals are really alive, but they only move when no human is looking. Stuffed animals live in little villages and are made by a magical "seamstress" who runs each village. Sometimes they are captured and sold to kids in stores. But as soon as nobody is looking they come alive and try to escape and have adventures. Here's the table of contents:

As you can see (well, if you read German) all the usual things are there, including a combat system and so on. You may also see something about drugs. Well, stuffed animals easily become addicted to detergent, so it's imperative that they stay clear of that vile stuff. Parents who wash their kid's stuffed animals often inadvertently start the poor buggers on a life of drugs and violence. Sad really. Here are few more interior pages to set the mood:

Yep, that's a "Back to the Future" shot with our stuffed bunny as the hero. We'll see a little more of that below. There were also a large number of supplements and adventures for this game. Here are two of the basic adventures, the first one mostly about breaking out of a department store, the second about the journey back to a secret village (at least if I remember this stuff correctly):

Here is the Cyberpunk supplement and adventure:

And here is a collection of shorter adventures inspired by certain 1980s Hollywood movies like Short Circuit:

Sadly we never played any of the later adventures, after a few sessions things moved back to D&D and one of the girlfriends found her calling as an elven maiden for a while. I'd consider running it again anytime though: It's a cute background story and a workable system with lots of fun little twists. Good times!

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