Monday, November 24, 2014

The "Evolve Rules" Table

Hidden in a secret cobweb-filled vault under TSR's former Lake Geneva headquarters we found a curious stone tablet of eldritch origin that had been laboriously inscribed with the following:

To produce a new edition of the rules, start with the current edition, roll on this table 3 times (re-rolling duplicates), and find new artists.

1Add a new playable race, roll on any of the current edition's random encounter table for race.
2Remove a playable race without explanation OR re-roll level limits for each class using 2d6+2.
3Change monster hit dice from d6 to d8, d8 to d10, d10 to d6 as compared with the current edition.
4Add or remove specialist magic-users, depending on whether or not the current edition has them.
5Change how rangers pick their favored enemy; if there currently are no rangers, introduce them.
6Roll d6: 1-3 combat is Theatre of the Mind; 4-5 combat is on square grids; 6 combat is on hex grids.
7Number of books/boxed sets to spread new edition rules out over: 3d20-2, reroll 1s.
8Add only 0.5 to edition, not 1.

Apparently an (incomplete!) copy of the tablet was made by certain WotC delvers when they first explored the ruins of TSR after acquiring a deed to their holdings. It's unclear what mistakes they made in their transcription, but they must have made some...

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