Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Domains of JHU

Don't ask me how I got into looking this stuff up, what matters is that I did look it up... :-D Apparently Johns Hopkins owns somewhere between 200 and 450 domain names. I am not sure how reliable the statistics are, but here are the links to what I saw:

low estimate
high estimate

Yes, I took the liberty of rounding the numbers, both up and down. I started wondering how many domain names other universities own. Here's my biased sample (data taken from the same site): 242-391 186-405 50-247 86-479 48 19-53 4-8 4-7

And just for reference, has 24,609-29,017 domains associated with it. So while we at JHU are "small fish" compared to M$, it's still somewhat surprising to me that universities, especially some who consider themselves "Ivy League," are domain hogs. :-)

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