Monday, September 7, 2009

I <3 LVM2

So when I installed Debian on my MSI Wind Netbook the other day, I was asked whether I wanted to have encrypted LVM2 volumes. I said yes, and I am already glad I did today: resizing works! :-D

Debian decided to give me a 4GB / and a 138GB /home which was a little unbalanced since I needed to install a lot of stuff. Also it made the swap space 2.3GB instead of the 4GB I would have liked. I was really bummed out for a few minutes until I remembered the LVM2 stuff.

So I went ahead and used resize2fs to make /home smaller, then lvreduce to make the volume for /home smaller, then lvextend to extend the swap space and a new mkswap on it, and finally lvextend to make / 16GB and resize2fs to expand the file system as well. And it all worked. Amazing! :-D

Makes me wish I had done an LVM2 install on my desktop at home too, but sadly I didn't feel comfortable enough with it back then. I am already using it on the gaming lab server, but I never had a reason to resize anything on there yet. Good to know that it'll work if I ever need to. I <3 LVM2! :-D

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