Friday, June 25, 2010

Know one editor well...

For years I've been telling people new to Unix that it doesn't matter what editor they pick. "Just pick one and learn it well!" I still believe that's true, but I've recently come to realize that I may not have followed my own advice in this regard.

I've been using vi (well vim) for years, yet apparently I have not even come close to exploiting it like I should have. Here are a few links to get you started. Take a look even if you think you know vim well, you may be surprised what it has to offer these days.

Efficient Editing with vim
Automatic Word Completion
Indenting Python with vim
Python and vim: Make your own IDE
Vim as Development Environment
Code Navigation and Completion
Vim as Python IDE

Obviously I am focused on Python here because that's what I hack the most for my personal projects, but much of the information is applicable regardless of what language (programming or otherwise) you have to work with every day. I still can't believe that I missed out on many of these options for years. Don't make the same mistake! :-D

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