Monday, June 7, 2010

POSSE Worcester, Day 1

Just a quick note that we got started with POSSE today. Yay! We all introduced each other and why we're here, then Mel gave an overview of FOSS development and Walter introduced Sugar, the project we'll be working on for the rest of the week.

The exercises came next, so I now have even more accounts to keep track off:,,,, and I even have a user page on the Sugarlabs wiki, courtesy of Karl. :-D

Lunch at Worcester State College was amazing, possibly the best Chilli I've had on any campus anywhere. At least outside of Texas anyway!

On a more serious note, Walter got me thinking about the Python course I am designing for next Fall. Seems that Sugar may actually be a very good environment to start people out in. It seems to offer a path that gradually introduces more Python and de-emphasizes Sugar, at least if I understand it correctly. Not sure if that should be called "Lighter" then? :-D I'll play with Sugar much more this week, so I'll certainly find out whether it's a good fit by Friday.

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