Sunday, June 13, 2010

POSSE Worcester, Day 5

With a small delay, here the summary of Day 5. First we moved to another building since the Science and Technology Center was undergoing some kind of loud demolition. :-( We hacked for a little while and then Walter talked about what to do over the next few days and how to push when we're done and do the merge request. Since I had not done much on the Measure activity but on Physics instead, I wasn't very affected by this.

Then we had our huge teaching chat, which started with Garry demonstrating what he's doing at WPI with his Software Engineering course. After that "semi-formal" part it was just open discussion. Mel wanted to make things more concrete, so she started a transcript on Pirate Pad that we all edited furiously for about 40 minutes or so. Then we went over the transcript with more discussion. And then we were done. :-D

Some people left at this point, but some of us gathered around and went to Karl's favorite Hot Dog place which was quite the treat. I had three Cony Island Dogs (trust me, they are kinda small :-D), a Chilli Cheese burger, and two "dry" Orange sodas. The only drawback was that they didn't have a booth for five, so I was a bit lonely. :-( But on one of my breaks I found a sticker outside that had the picture of a guy on it and said "Pickels, 5' 10", 160 lbs. has a posse" and that made us smile. :-D

I went back to my hotel and made the mistake (or was it one?) of youtubing around. Ended up watching "The Last Lecture" again, wow. So I showed up for the final dinner with Mel and Peter a little teary-eyed, but I don't think they noticed. We went to the Brazilian Steak House I wanted to check out the first night, and guess what? It was absolutely delicious (and none of us "smelled like meat" afterwards, Mihaela :-D)!

In summary, I had a great week at POSSE in Worcester, and I'd like to thank everybody who was there for making it such a very, very cool event. Oh, and Mihaela posted some photos, thank you so much for that too!

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